A Northern Virginia Basement, Kitchen, Bathroom Remodeling and Home Addition

  |  May 19, 2016

When Priscilla Weck first began interviewing contractors for a basement renovation in her 1950s Northern Virginia home, she was met with disappointment. She and her husband were tired of the dark and gloomy look of their paneled basement, but didn’t want to spend a fortune on a disruptive and time-consuming panel removal. After receiving discouraging recommendations from several contractors, they were starting to wonder if their vision for the bottom floor of their home would ever be realized.

Then they called Northwood Construction and a simple solution finally seemed possible: they could fill in the panel grooves and paint the walls for a lightened up, fresh feel. This solution not only suited the Weck’s budget, but it also meant they wouldn’t have to deal with a construction site in their basement for weeks on end.

Once the paneling was fixed and the ceiling lifted, the basement was suddenly a much brighter and welcoming place to spend their time. Priscilla was so pleased with the consultation and result that she began to look around her home to see what other problems Northwood could solve.

Next came the kitchen remodeling. “It was old and we didn’t like where anything was or the way it was laid out,” Priscilla says. After that was taken care of, she hired Northwood for two different bathroom remodels: first, replacing a Jacuzzi tub with a level shower in order to make the master bath more aging-in-place friendly, then adding improved ventilation and plumbing to another bathroom.

Most recently, Priscilla hired Northwood to build an addition on the back of the house to give her husband a ground floor office space and sitting room. And with all of these projects, she’s felt confident placing her trust in the Northwood team.

“You can hire people who may do these jobs for less money, but you can’t hire people who would do it for better quality,” she says. “I really value them, not only for the work they do, but also the care that they take and the attention [they give a project].”

Priscilla describes Northwood’s careful work process as “measure twice, cut once” and stresses the importance of hiring the right people. “They’re very good about starting a job, sticking with it until it’s done, and doing it within the time frame they estimated in the beginning,” she says, a comfort and dependability that is invaluable when inviting someone into your home. “What more can you ask for?”

When asked to reflect on her experiences with Northwood and consider whether there was anything about the processes she wished were different in retrospect, Priscilla can only point to a desire for additional renovations, saying, “I might have wanted them to do more work on one of the bathrooms. But that was my decision and not theirs.”

Luckily, if she does decide to do further renovations on her home, she knows exactly where to turn. “I know now that if I have a real problem with something and I call Bob, he will fix it,” she says. “He just has really good customer service.”