The Tale of A Northern Virginia Bathroom Renovation

  |  May 3, 2016

It all started with some faulty tile in one of the bathrooms in Bryne and Brenda Hart’s Northern Virginia home. “We were concerned there was going to be water damage, so we knew we needed to do it from a home repair perspective,” Brenda says. “Then we decided that, as long as we were going to do it, we may as well redesign the bathroom.”

Initially, Brenda began working with a designer who had her own contractor—but the Harts quickly realized it wasn’t the right fit. Since they’d already worked with Northwood Construction for a basement renovation in their previous home, they called up Bob to see if he’d be willing to take on their bathroom remodel. “Ultimately, our comfort level rested with someone we knew well and had a track record with,” Brenda explains.

One bathroom remodeling job quickly turned into three bathroom updates and now Bryne and Brenda say they can’t imagine working with anyone else. “There’s a lot of comfort in knowing we’re bringing in somebody who was going to get the job done right and wasn’t going to be covering up problems that we didn’t know about or would find out about later,” Bryne says. He credits much of this security with the quality of staff Northwood brings in, citing the commitment of the project manager on-site every day as a big distinguisher for Northwood’s process. “We were never asked to meet a subcontractor. Having a dedicated person [at our home] to handle all that was big peace of mind,” Brenda adds.

In fact, both Bryne and Brenda point to the commitment of Bob and his team members as a key factor in their satisfaction. “With all of the details, Bob really guided us every step of the way. We never felt like we were doing this alone and we never felt like a detail was being missed,” Brenda says.

“I felt like through the entire renovation, [Bob] was always thinking about our project. I love the fact that as the project was going on, Northwood was constantly thinking ‘what can we do to make this better?’ ” Bryne adds.

Despite spending some time with a designer in the early days of their renovation, the Harts said they were still surprised by all the little details that popped up throughout the process. With each decision that came their way, Bryne and Brenda felt fully supported by Northwood. “I don’t want to make it sound like [Bob] spends all of his time on the minutia,” Brenda says, “But there are things we didn’t think about that he was totally engaged in. He’s very good at following through on details.”

However, even with all the above and beyond attention they received from Northwood, Bryne knows what the success of a renovation project really comes down to: “The bottom line is, he came in on time and on budget and the quality was exceptional. It was exactly what we expected. That’s what you want from a contractor.”

“I’m just really delighted with the results,” Brenda says, and then laughs. “All I can say is the kitchen is probably next.”